John Salorio

Originally from Northern Westchester, New York. It was 1996 at the age of 19 I decided to move down to Panama and live with my aunt and uncle and experience a different culture and take another Year off from starting college......after 1 month or so I decided to go check out the scene in Costa Rica which back then was still kind of a banana republic....I backpacked all over Costa Rica and really was drawn to la Fortuna which is home to Arenal volcano which at the time was one of the most active volcanos in the world plus an outdoor Mecca of tons of activities like hiking, canopy, waterfalls, and one which was just starting to take off in Costa Rica the whitewater scene.
I ran the rivers most everyday if not exploring different cool spots that my local Tico friends would show me.
After not leaving for 2 years I went back up and packed my truck And headed south back to which now would be my home for good. 7438 miles later and almost 2 months of checking out all of Central America minus Belize I made it back to Fortuna where I teamed up with a Tico amigo and started Arenal Outdoor Center which was one of 3 rafting companies in the area at the time.
We also offered bungee jumping and other activities including waterfall/hiking tours to La Fortuna waterfall/cerro chatto and rio Celeste which were a bit more burly to get to.....Being one of very few gringos that lived in Fortuna y hanging with mostly ticos I will always considered la Fortuna one of my homes....after moving to a few different places Cabuya/Montezuma, Tamarindo, and most of my time being now in Manuel Antonio.
I left for a period me headed to a complete different scene up to western Canada for a bit and tried out the life up there but always had Costa Rica on my mind.
Eventually realizing Canada wasn't for me I came home where I guided rivers and figured out my next move...after a couple years on the river I switched over my life jacket for a collared shirt and worked as a real estate agent for Coldwell Banker. Bored with that I found my way back to tourism which Is my heart.
I love learning new things daily also showing and teaching, listening and telling stories, meeting new people which become friends and being outside.....Costa Pacifica is a new operation but has over two decades of knowledge of Costa Rica in a whole......I have experienced this incredible countries growth and boom from when it was just a simple off the beaten path not so well known tiny country like a undiscovered gem to what it is now......I am all about making everyone smile and have them enjoy there time they spend with me and or one of our staff members......thank you for reading this and look to the left and smile or right whichever way just smile.....it works 🙂 pura vida

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Andrea Rojas

Andrea Rojas was born in Quepos in 1980 in a family of his mother and two sisters.
Always with a smile on her face despite her shyness as a child, managed to get involved in the world of sales with only 9 years old with a spirit of excellence, wanting to make a difference.
In collaboration with some recommendations from people who valued her great performance at work and her great effectiveness in carrying out the functions assigned to it, she was introduced to the world of hospitality and travel agencies not count only on their own initiative to move forward with her children, having learned by their own means a second language like everything related to tourism.
In 2008 she moved with her children to one of the most beautiful provinces of Costa Rica (Heredia) to work in a prestigious travel agency where she gained further knowledge, initiating her own project as a travel agency in the 2011 under the name of Costa Rica Typical Tours which today is Costa Pacifica Adventures where she serves as vice President.
From that moment began her adventure in ensuring that each of its customers an unforgettable experience of Costa Rica, always wanting to be carried back.
Today, together with her partner and couple John Salorio who is president of the company carry out the management of this prestigious agency, which 100% is dedicated to providing its customers all the safety and quality they deserve.


Our vision is to be a Tour Operator leader nationally and internationally in customer service and quality, offering competitive prices that benefit our customers, always in harmony with our environment and surrounding communities.


Our mission is to be important part to each of our customers, ensuring that your experience is unforgettable, always offering everything they need to organize your holidays easily and economically.
Guaranteeing competitive prices in any tour activity as waterfall tours, hotels, car rentals, one day excursions and more, always characterized by our excellent customer service.

Our Company

Costa Pacifica Adventures gives you the welcome to the public in May 2011, offering a really interesting proposal full of adventure, nature and innovation, which is guaranteed by our prestigious and unique 100% personalized service.


Costa Pacifica Adventures is a consolidated tour operator, incoming travel agency with more than 15 years of experience providing high quality services to clients that want to visit Costa Rica.


Costa Pacifica Adventures has been operating as a Tour Operator, it works with most of the incoming travel agencies in Costa Rica, in particular with their FIT services, likewise with large groups, ensuring that travelers consistently have a unique and unforgettable experience.


In this site you will find few of the services that Costa Pacifica Adventures can provide you; such as, specializes in Waterfall Tour Adventures, also offers selection of hotels,transport services in the way of private shuttles and/or rental vehicles, one day excursions around the country, as such, rafting, canopy, catamaran, etc., coordination of special events such as beach weddings, domestic flights and much more based on the needs of each of our customers.


Costa Pacifica Adventures has a project to support children from low-income country, involving passing their families, providing them with educational and nutritional support necessary for growth.


The project is named NO MAS NIÑOS SIN AMOR!! As stated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


All girls and boys have the right to good nutrition, quality education, access to health services, water and sanitation basic, to a name and nationality, to equality and to be protected against all forms of violence.


NO MAS NIÑOS SIN AMOR!! focus all their efforts on improving the quality of life of homeless children living on the streets of Costa Rica, unloved, or educational support to motivate them to live and enjoy their childhood.


As one of its objectives regai smiles on many of the children who for some or many reasons have forgotten to smile.


This project involves not only the educational development of each child, but, in turn improving the nutritional status of them and strengthening their community environments.


You see, this project will take place at the time our agency to start producing providing them to all your contacts, clients, friends and other services of tourism, so you in one way or another by simply contacting us and allowing us help you make reservations at
no additional cost, you will be part of our project, since there the funds with which these children of our community will benefit will be drawn.


We will also be getting their volunteer help when you want it, as part of the project, it will go in search of these children, to their homes and communities, bringing them a bit, gifts, food and a glimmer of hope, where they held talks positivism, children’s day celebrations, etc. Anyone wishing to be part of our volunteer group, which is a free and united work you do to benefit a community selflessly, without expecting anything in return, which is a job that you enrichest as a person and tastily your way of understanding the world, you can contact us and offer their support through our website or by telephone is 8719-7631.


Our volunteer program seeks to rescue values such as solidarity, friendship and respect for others, generating well-being and improvements in the quality of life of the community, which does not mean only the use of economic resources, but the most valuable help that is that that makes us grow as human beings (their time and selfless dedication will). Exchanging cultural experiences among those who help us, the children, their families and the community and likewise promote their potential for growth and improvement, in order to go places in our territory in search of innocent smiles that carry within their hearts huge desire to discover the world, knowing that there caring people that all they ask in return is NO MAS NIÑOS SIN AMOR!!

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